Phoenix Pool Service - What is an Automatic Leveler

Phoenix Pool Service

What is an Automatic Pool Leveler

Water leveler’s, or water level controls, prevent expensive damage and poor filtration problems for standard swimming pools and vanishing edge pools. Water leveler’s automatically prevent pool water from overflowing or depleting by using sensor probes to monitor the water level. When the pool level raises to a certain level the water leveler turns off the water flowing into the pool. Water is automatically added or pumped away to ensure optimum levels. You would like the water level in your swimming pool to be halfway up the skimmer square/rectangle.  If the pool overflows with water it is time to replace the water leveler.

Leveler’s are available in hardwired or wireless versions, depending on whether it will be used in a new pool or as a retrofit for an existing pool.


Phoenix Pool Service - How to Get Rid of Calcium Build Up

Phoenix Pool Service

How to Get Rid of Calcium Build Up

What is the white, scaly material that is built up around my tile and brick line, and how do I get rid of it?

First, the white stuff you see is probably calcium buildup, or what some people call scale.  It forms around the waterline of your pool because of high pH or alkalinity, or a high calcium concentration.  They can also be caused by hard water and minerals that seep out of the mortar around pool brickwork.  When the temperature changes and the water evaporates you see the calcium build up alongside the pool wall.  If you don’t get the scale off your tile or brick/stone quickly you can end up with permanent damage. You can remove the calcium deposits using physical labor, with the use of certain chemicals and preventive measures but either way this is something which needs to be repeated from time to time because the deposits will always return, requiring another cleaning. We offer a new service which removes the deposits, restoring your pool walls and saving you costly future tile and brick/stone repairs.  We also offer a preventive service which helps keep the calcium deposits from forming in the first place. Give us a call on 602-413-4597 for a quick free quote on this service.